Meet The Twice The Speed Team!
Jack Cascio - Head Sports Coach
Founder Of Twice The Speed, CSCS
Jack Cascio created Twice The Speed in 2009 out of pure desperation to find the answers many Athletes look for.  How do I get faster?  This led to an obsession he has since been able to sell Speed Training and Vertical Jump Workouts in over 60 countries.  Coach Cascio came onto the scene with a bang by being featured on ESPN for his jumping ability.  Since then, there has been no turning back and his mission at Twice The Speed is to change the landscape of how Athletes Train.  No longer will money hold back Athletes from getting the best Workouts possible.  This is the mission at Twice The Speed and Jack is working towards solving these problems for Athletes every single second of every single day!
Connor Powers - Head Baseball Coach
Former MLB Player - San Diego Padres Organization
Connor Powers and Jack met when they were in High School playing against one another in Baseball.  Connor went on to being one of the best players to ever walk through Illinois.  He accepted a scholarship offer from Mississippi State (at the time they were #1 in the Nation).  He played all four years if his College career at MS State.  After his Junior Season he was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers in which he declined to finish his education, and was drafted for a second time by the San Diego Padres.  Prior to going to Spring Training, Coach Cascio moved to Mississippi to help prepare Connor's Speed And Agility.  Connor is now the head Baseball Coach at Twice The Speed helping players from ages 5 through Division 1 NCAA players!
Jeremy Burgos TTS Football Coach
Head Football Coach and Instagram Marketing
Coach Burgos is a former College Football player dedicated to helping young players understand how to be the best player on and off the field.  Coach Burgos runs the TTS Football Youtube Channel and Instagram where he shows exercises to help Football players run faster, hit harder, change directions, and understand their position better.  He alone accounts for Millions of Youtube views within our Channels and puts out nothing but the best content.  Coach Burgos has an innate ability to teach Football in a way that Parents and Athletes can dissect and understand immediately!
Matt Wietlispach- TTS Nutrition Coach
Head Strength And Conditioning Coach At University Of Niagra
Matt is the Head Strength And Conditioning Strength Coach at The University Of Niagra.  Here at Twice The Speed Matt is in charge of our Nutrition, and high end client services.  Matt is a former Division 1 Baseball player.
Ryan Mayo - Head Of Support
Tech/Customer Support
Ryan Mayo has been the head of customer support since late November of 2017. Ryan is also assisting on the social media aspect of making sure the Twice The Speed and TTS Football YouTube channels is uploading a video every week, TTS Instagram and Twitter is both running with constant content being uploaded. Ryan has been helping with the marketing and development side of the business as well learning the ropes and making sure everything runs smoothly with no run ins.