Everything You or your Kids Need To Run Faster Within The Next 30 Days In A Step By Step Guide...Guaranteed! 
Hurry, This Speed Training Bundle Will Change You Or Your Childs Speed Forever!
What Comes With The TTS Speed Training Bundle?
Twice The Speed Bands + Fight Or Flight Warmup
These resistance bands are perfect for ages 6-18 years old! You don't have to worry about guessing how to use them because we will give you INSTANT ACCESS To our Fight Or Flight Warmup where we will give you the EXACT blueprint to increase flexibility and strength for your Son or Daughter!
  •  There Are 3 Different Bands - Light, Medium, And Heavy!
  •  Shipping Will Take 3-5 Business Days With Instant Access To The Fight Or Flight Warmup!
  •  The Fight Or Flight Warmup Will Activate The Fast Twitch Muscles In Your Body For You Or Your Child To Become Faster In Just 3 Workouts! (No Gym Required)
7 Day Challenge + 30 Day Workout
The Speed Training Bundle we are offering our 7 Day Speed Training Challenge along with our 30 Day Speed Training Workout.  These 2 Workouts combined with the Twice The Speed Bands, your kids will be running faster and more coordinated within days!  Inside the 7 Day Challenge we teach you exactly how to test your kids so you will see if they are getting faster each week!  Once you are done with the 7 day Challenge, you will retest their results, and get ready for the 30 days!
Our Workouts Help Your Kids Get Results In 3 Steps!
Step #1- Fixing Your Child's Form!
The most efficient way to make sure your Child gets faster, is to make 100% sure that they are running correctly.  We break down exactly what your Children should be working on and they can start instantly.  With our Video Breakdown, as well as 26 Page easy to read PDF, you will have their running perfect within minutes.  This will instantly correct any awkwardness in their running style! (Form Running Blueprint is Sold Separately for $39)
Step #2 - Testing Them 
Once we correct their running form it's time to test them!  Testing young Athletes is VERY important because it does two things.  It gives you a baseline of where they are at now, but more importantly it gameifies there Workout!  They will automatically get more competitive and try harder simply to beat their previous Score.  We show you the exact tests, and give an in depth video breakdown of how to do each.
Step #3 - Fast Twitch Training
Once you have your Baseline tests with your kids, you simply right down their scores.  Now it's time to work!  We outline 3 separate training sessions (Workout 1, 2, and 3).  Each workout in the 7 Day Challenge as well as the 30 Day Speed Workout is crafted with over 11 years of Speed And Agility experience to target the muscles that will give an Athlete the most BANG for their time!  Again, we're risking our name and MONEY over making sure your Children get faster!
Finally, Give Your Kids The Edge Over Their Classmates, And Opponents!
We Offer A 60 Day Money Back Guarantee On All Of Our Programs!
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TTS Is The #1 Rated Speed Training Company Online!
TTS Is The #1 Rated Speed Training Company Online!
This Speed Training Bundle Will Change Your Life Forever...
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