Receive A Fresh Monthly Workout With Exact Sets, Reps, And Exercises To Get The Most Out Of You’re Resistance Bands So They Don’t Sit In Your Garage Collecting Dust!
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I wanted to write TTS a quick note!  Thanks so much for putting together what the training world has needed for a while.  Great equipment with actual workouts I can implement with my kids that work.  Too many companies just push equipment at you and leave it up to you to figure it out.  When in reality the equipment just ends up sitting in the garage when your kids lose interest.  TTS Labs is however different.  My kids love to be able to add new exercises each Month that help them in a different area of their body.  I really see these Workouts having a big impact on their motivation to strive to be their best!  You guys should do this with EVERY piece of training equipment.


Why TTS Labs (TrainerBin)
We've launched dozens of products over the last 11 year related to Sports Performance.  From Baseball Hitting, To Dribbling, To Ab Workouts and Nutrition!  We also launched an App that customizes your Workouts.  Since the product has been around the feedback has been great, but the biggest issue we see is A LOT of Athletes are insanely busy.  They play Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Track...They're basically doing it all!  So as we grew the application we started to see users who couldn't put in the time on a consistent basis.  This is why we decided to start building: "Trainer Bin".

Trainer Bin will be used very similar to how you would Download an Audio Book (on Audible).  You simply search for the workout or topic you want to learn and you can add it to your bin.  Again, this is the FUTURE OF THE PRODUCT so we need your help to get it there!  We know how important it is to have the right information, at the right time, from the RIGHT Coach/Mentor!  

So, we'd like to kindly invite you to join us on this journey to completely change the way Athletes obtain information and use it to get better at their Sport.  No longer do you have to "be rich" to afford the best trainer's in the World!  We cannot be more excited that you are on a mission to give your Children the best shot they have in Sports, and we just want you to know we are here to help you every step of the way...

I present...
TTS Labs (Trainer Bin Timeline)
Milestone 1: (July 1, 2018) Build Of TTS Labs For Resistance Bands 1 Where You Will Get A Monthly Resistance Band Workout Delivered To You (Accessible On Phone, Desktop, Or Tablet). ✅

Milestone 2: (November, 2018) Add Sport And Position Specific Drills Where Parents/Athletes Can Select Exactly What They Want To Work On That Month, Week, Day, etc... ❌

Milestone 3: (January, 2019) Give Users Ability To Choose Their Warmup/Workout Each Month Based On What They Need In That Moment The Most (Sport, Position Wise, Strength, Speed, etc...) ❌

Milestone 4: (March, 2019): Build Mobile App Where You Or Your Children Obtain Information From Top Trainers/Coaches (Similar To How Audible Works For Purchasing Audio Books) ❌

Milestone 5: (June, 2019): Add In Training For Parents.  You Will Have Daily Workouts To Fit Your Schedule, Fitness/Nutrition Goals, Etc... ❌

What Is In The Pipeline So Far..
Get Instant Access to Over $444 of Workouts for Just $9.99 Per Month
Month #1: Shoulder And Core Warmup
The Shoulder and Core Warmup is done with the Resistance Bands. This is great for a activation warmup for any type of upper body workout. We only recommend this program to the serious athletes that join the TTS Community!
Value: $29.95
Month #2: The Perfect Warmup
This is a 21 unique exercises that you will be able to do with the Resistance Bands that you have just purchased. We only recommend this program to the serious athletes that join the TTS Community!
Value: $29.95
Month #3: Arm Strength Warmup
Arm Strength Warmup is perfect for multi-sport athletes as well as single sport because this will help your ball throwing abilities, catching abilities and will give you good activation so your arms will be warmup up for practice of a big game!
Value: $29.95
Month #4: Injury Prevention Warmup
Injuries in Sports are a very common thing!  And they are usually the reason an Athlete is forced to give up their dreams at some point in their career.  We put together this Warmup to help increase range of motion in the joints most used in Sports to lower those chances!
Value: $29.95
Month #5: Ankle and Feet Warmup
This Ankle and Feet warmup is driven to be the best warmup that you can do in order to have a influx of Speed! Doing this before your practice, big game or even when you have spare time it will drastically increase your speed!
Value: $29.95
Month #6: Knee Strength Warmup
The Knee Strength Warmup will strengthen the ligaments surrounding the knee as well as increase overall balance and stability.  This warmup is perfect for Athletes who play Baseball, Baksetball, Football, Lacrosse, or any Sport where there are a lot short Bursts!
Value: $29.95
Month #7: Balance Warmup
The Balance Warmup has to be one of the most important and popluar warmups. This is because we have ages across the board doing the Resistance Bands Warmups and the young child is where we see the best improvment!
Value: $29.95
Month #8: Hip Strength Warmup
Hips and more importantly Hip Flexors have to be one of the most undertrained and underrated muscles in the Athlete's body.  It actually shocks me to see when Athletes (or their trainers for that matter) are not isolating the hip flexors.
Value: $29.95
Month #9: The Perfect Cooldown
The perfect cool down is exactly what an Athlete needs to be doing after every single workout in order to set themselves up for their recovery phase.  This workout is comprised of static stretches using resistance to increase range of motion and create healthier more Athletic Athletes!
Value: $29.95
Month #10: Glute Activation Warmup
Proper Glute Activation is essential to pulling out the most power in an Athlete. Just a few exercises in your Athlete will feel like a new Person.  This workout is almost Super Human because of the transformation an Athlete sees once they finish up all the exercises.
Value: $29.95
Month #11: Forearm Warmup
Forearms play a major role in Sports Training.  They can even make an Athlete stand out to potential Coaches and Scouts simply because they are aestically one of the first Muscles a Coach/Scout can see. Properly training your forearms is something Athletes should be doing on a daily basis.
Value: $29.95
Month #12: The Calves Warmup
Calves are another muscle that can be done every single day.  Properly training your Calves can be the difference of stealing more Bases, throwing down that first dunk, or even breaking more tackles in Football.  In this warmup we show you exactly what you need to be doing to get the most out of your overall athleticism! 
Value: $29.95