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What Comes With The TTS Vertical Jump Training Bundle?
Twice The Speed Bands + Fight Or Flight Warmup
These resistance bands are perfect for ages 14+ years old! You don't have to worry about guessing how to use them because we will give you INSTANT ACCESS To our Fight Or Flight Vertical Jump Warmup where we will give you the EXACT blueprint to increase flexibility and strength which is the FOUNDATION of increasing your Vertical Jump (Included On First 25 Orders Only! - If You See This, They Are Still Available Today!)
  • There Are 3 Different Bands - Light, Medium, And Heavy!
  •  Shipping Will Take 3-5 Business Days With Instant Access To The Fight Or Flight Warmup!
  •  The Fight Or Flight VJ Warmup Will Activate The Fast Twitch Muscles In Your Body For You To Become More Explosive In Just 3 Workouts! (No Gym Required)
7 Day Vertical Jump Challenge 
The Vertical Jump Bundle comes with one of our hottest selling Vertical Jump Workouts! "The 7 Day Vertical Jump Challenge...

This Workout is a Vertical Jump Crash Course to get you instant inches.  So if you are touching the rim right now, this will surely get you above the rim potentially throwing down your first dunk!

The reason we call it the Challenge is because we have a 100% success rate in making Athletes faster within the first 7 days!  We offer you DOUBLE your money back if you do not Jump Higher!  That is how confident we are! (Lifetime Access!)
Comes With The Following:
  • Contrast Showers To Alleviate Muscle Soreness Bonus!
  • The Jumper's Diet (51 Snacks To Jump Higher)
  • ​The Navy Seal Jumping Mentality
  • ​TTS Nutrition Log
Declaration Of Vertical Jump
The 3rd portion of the TTS Vert Training Bundle is the Declaration Of Vertical Jump.  Once you know how to properly activate your Fast Twitch Muscles with our Resistance Bands and Workout...and you test before your Vert with our proprietary 7 Day Challenge Testing, you are ready for the DOVJ. This is where it gets fun and more Vertical Jump gains are made.  The DOVJ comes with a Bodyweight version, and Weight room version. (Lifetime Access!)
Comes With The Following:
  • 50 Easy to Follow Training Videos​- Full explanations including demonstrations and video voiceovers of each exercise.
  • ​PDF Breakdowns of Every Exercise​- Quickly pull out your phone at the gym for any details you forget from the videos..
  • ​30 Day Vertical Jump Prescription... Sets, reps, when to rest, which Exercises to use, when to use each exercise, and when you can expect to see your gains.
Our Workouts Help Athletes Jump Higher In 3 Steps!
Step #1- Finding Your Weakness
Every jumper has different tendencies when they are trying to add inches to their Vert.  Our Workouts are systematically built so that you will be attacking your deficiencies while simultaneously honing in on your Strengths.  The combination of the two will get you EXPLOSIVE result that are unprecedented.
Step #2 - Igniting Your Fast Twitch
Each workout in the 7 Day Challenge as well as the 30 Day Vert Workout is crafted with over 11 years of Vertical Jump experience to target the muscles that will give an Athlete the most BANG for their time! Again, we're risking our name and MONEY over making sure you jump higher!
Step #3 - Develop Your Strength
The entire Workout is bodyweight so you do NOT need a weight room for this...but we do strengthen the muscled in your legs using what we call: "Complex Training".  It's a unique method of attacking your muscles for maximum power output.  We have seen Athletes gain as much as 20 inches on their vertical jump using these methods!
Finally, Get The Edge On The Court With Your New Found Hops!
We Offer A 60 Day Money Back Guarantee On All Of Our Programs! And Guarantee You To Run Faster!
Here's What Other Athletes Are Saying...
Check Out Adam's 4 Week Journey To Dunking!
We've Been Around Since 2009 And Collabbed With Some Of The Biggest Names In Sports And Fitness!

With Jeff Cavaliere On The Athlean X Channel Teaching Vertical Jump Back In 2010!

With 3x NBA Dunk Champion Nate Robinson Filming A Basketball Workout

With "The Professor" Putting Together The Hottest Ball Handling System In The World!

TTS Is The #1 Rated Vertical Jump Training Company Online!
TTS Is The #1 Rated Vertical Jump Training Company Online!
60 Day Money Back Guarantee...If You Do Not Jump Higher You Will Get A Complete Refund (And We Will Even Pay You $20 On Top Of That!)
60 Day Money Back Guarantee...If You Or Your Kids Do NOT Jump Higher You Will Get A Complete Refund (And We Will Even Pay You $20 On Top Of That!)
Jump Higher Within Just 7 Days Guaranteed!
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