"From Barely Touching The Rim to Dunking in 30 Days"
Watch Adams 30 Day Progression Using The Declaration of Vertical Jump Program
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Learn From a Trainer With a 43 Inch Vertical Jump
Watch now and see how vertical jump expert Jack Cascio used these same high intensity vertical jump workouts to boost his vertical jump over 12 inches and gained the ability to dunk on command.

During his research he discovered the "training prescription" to take an average athlete with average genetics and turn him into an elite dunker.

He Talks About How He Made This Discovery In The Video Below
These High Intensity, Easy to Follow, 45 Minute Vertical Jump Workouts Will Give You: 
  • Elite Dunker Confidence - Never Be Afraid to Be Rejected by The Rim Again
  • Rocket Like Explosion - Get Up Faster Than Everyone You Play Against for Easy Dunks and Make Opponents Fear You In The Paint
  • Block Any Defender's Shot... Finally be able to trail the play and "catch" the ball before it hits the backboard like Lebron in Game 7 of The NBA Finals
  • Gravity Defying Mid-Flight Take Off - When you reach the middle of your vert you'll feel like you hit another gear and continue to get higher where you used to fall. 
  • Increase Your Average PPG by 5-8 points - There's no higher percentage shot than a dunk. Plus, you'll get more offensive rebounds that turn into easy put backs. 
  • Star Level Attention...Everyone knows the guys who can dunk are respected more by their teammates, coaches, and opponents. 
Coach Jack Cascio is Trusted By The Top Athletes on The Planet
Coach Cascio with 10 Year NBA Veteran & 3X NBA Slam Dunk Competition Winner Nate Robinson
Coach Cascio with Top Ball Hander on The Planet Grayson Boucher A.K.A "The Professor"
Here's What You Instantly Unlock
With Your Order Today:
The Declaration of Vertical Jump
  • 50 Easy to Follow Training Videos - Full explanations including demonstrations and video voiceovers of each exercise.
  • PDF Breakdowns of Every Exercise - Quickly pull out your phone at the gym for any details you forget from the videos.
  • 60 Day Vertical Jump Prescription... Sets, reps, when to rest, which Exercises to use,  when to use each exercise, and when you can expect to see your gains.
Bonus #1
3 "Hacks" to Palming The Basketball
  • Hack #1 -  How to leverage humidity to dunnk
  • Hack #2 - How to throw down dunks even if you have baby sized hands
  • Hack #3 - How to keep the ball palmed during your approach to the hoop.
Bonus #2
The Dunker's Diet
  • Nutritional Checklist - The exact foods to insert into your diet to jump higher. 
  • Which Category of Eater You Are - Once you know which category you fall into losing body fat and gaining muscle becomes much easier
  • 5 Step Pre- Competition Checklist - The 5 steps to make sure you are fully fueled for your highest level of performance. 
Bonus #3
51 Snacks to Jump Higher
  • 51 Vertical Jump Injecting Snacks- Most jumpers fail to reach their highest vert possible because they don't know which snacks to eat to maximize their vertical jump. Proper snacking is a key to maintaining the jumper lifestyle. 
Bonus #4
The Adrenaline Music Mixtape
  • The Adrenaline Music Mixtape - Would you believe me if I told you that you could jump 1-3 inches higher just from listening to the right songs? I put together the playlist I listen to before every max effort jump or dunk session. 
Bonus #5
Elite Level Competitor Bonus
  • Unlock Your Inner Steph Curry - Structure your workouts to unlock your most inner competitor.  Elite level competitors design their workouts so they are competing every second of every workout.  We show you exactly how to structure your workouts properly. 
Bonus #6
The Plateau Breaker 
  • The Permanent Plateau Buster - Understand what causes training plateaus, plus how to break through every plateau you encounter for the rest of your career. 
Bonus #7
The Mystery Bonus 
  • Mystery Bonus - We're going to be randomly throwing in exclusive videos and documents that will give you the best chance to dunk. 
Are You Ready to Become an Elite Dunker?
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Here Are The Results Declaration of Vertical Jump Users Are Seeing...
"I Threw Down my 2nd in Game Dunk! The Other Team Basically Quit After The Momentum My Team Gained."
Connor Printz, High School Basketball Player
"I went from barely grabbing the rim to throwing down my very first dunk."
Grayson H, High School Basketball Player
"I never thought I would be able to dunk.  Then I met Jack and started training with The Declaration of Vertical Jump.  25 days later I put down my first dunk."
Adam Christenson, University of Pennsylvania Student
My Personal 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
If for any reason you don't like the program within the first 60 days of your purchase then you get your money back with no questions asked.  No hassles.

All You have to do is send an e-mail to customer support and you'll receive an instant refund. 
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Frequently Asked Questions
What Results Can I Expect From Using The Declaration of Vertical Jump?
You can expect to make gains on your vertical jump from using The Declaration of Vertical Jump.  Results will vary from using the program based on how much effort each athlete puts in and how strictly they follow the workout program.  Athletes can expect an increase in vertical jump of anywhere from 2 inches to 10 inches within the first 30 days depending on how advanced the athlete is when they start.  
What's The Difference Between The 30 Day Vertical Jump Cure and The Declaration of Vertical Jump?
Good question.  You may be reading this after purchasing and using The 30 Day Vertical Jump Cure.  The 30 Day Vertical Jump Cure program is still a fantastic program that will stand against the test of time.  The Declaration of Vertical Jump contains Coach Cascio's most recent vertical jump discoveries and newest training techniques.  Think about The 30 Day Vertical Jump Program as a firecracker, while The Declaration of Vertical Jump is a stick of dynamite.  
Do You Explain The Exercises or Just Show Them?
Yes, Coach Cascio explains each exercise after he demonstrates the exercise.  He does a voice-over video telling you the most important training tips to focus on in each exercise. 
Do you have PDF's?
Yes, we have each exercise explained in a PDF.  That means when you are the gym you can quickly pull up the PDF without having to watch any videos to double check your exercises.
Will I Become an NBA Dunk Champion After Using This Program?
It's possible, but not likely.  Results will vary (as they always do).  It will depend on how hard the athlete works and various other genetic factors.  What we can promise is that this is the most up to date, top notch vertical jump training that you can find.  And it's cheap!
What Happens If It Doesn't Work?
It's unlikely that you won't see any improvement in your vertical jump.  However, crazy things do happen.  In the event that you don't get the results you are looking for in the program then we will fully refund your money with no questions asked.