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What Is The Thunder And Lightning Workout?
Thunder And Lightning Program
This is 6 week training program for Football players who want to hit harder, run harder, and create an instant boost to their game Speed. We break down the workouts into two parts (Thunder = Hitting/Running Hard) and Lightning (Game Speed And Quickness).  

These are the two most important aspects in Football when it comes to being that explosive player no one wants to face. Coach Cascio and Coach Burgos have had this workout in the vault for some time now and finally are opening it up for the first 100 Athletes!
What The Workout Schedule Will Look Like...
  • One Thunder Workout Per Week ⛈
  •  One Lightning Workout Per Week ⚡️
  •  Weekly Thunder Test…where you will be competing against 99 others for a score. As your score increases, so will your hitting power!
  •  Weekly Lightning Test…where you will be competing against 99 others for a score. As your score increases, so will your GAME SPEED AND QUICKNESS!
  •  We will keep track of your Thunder And Lightning Rating inside of our Private Facebook group, where Coach Burgos will be interacting with Athletes!
  •  For these workouts you will NOT need any equipment (A tape measure is recommended, but not necessary!)
Get Faster And Hit Harder Or Get Your Money Back 100%
This Workout + Bonuses Sells For $397... Yours Today For $67!
The Bonuses You Will Get With Your Workout...
Bonus #1 - 40 Yard Blueprint (Recently Sold For $49)
TODAY ONLY this will be included in the workout. For those of you who have extra time this Summer to dedicate to working out before your Season starts or if you simply want to impress some Coaches at a Combine or Camp this Summer…look no further than the 40 Yard Blueprint. This is your complete guide from A-Z to run a faster 40 time within the next 30 days!
Bonus #2 - 40 Yard X’s and O’s ($29 Value)
This is a classroom breakdown of why your 40 time is NOT where you want it to be. A few changes in your Workouts will drastically change your times. Most Athletes and Coaches over complicate their training where there are 3 key components you should be focusing on. So we pull out the whiteboard and explain exactly what you should be doing to increase your 40 time (with the most minimum effort possible - using your BRAIN!).
Bonus #3 - Fast Twitch Bench (Recently Sold For $97)
This workout is a 30 day plan to pack on LBS to your Bench press. We’ve seen Football players increase their bench up to 50 lbs within just 30 days. And do you want to know the crazy part? There are only 5 workouts that you will do for your Bench for the ENTIRE month! Sounds insane right? But this is the exact approach thousands of players have used to back in lbs quickly. We give you the exact sets, reps, and exercises that you need to be doing over the next 30 days!
Bonus #4 - TTS Optimum Nutrition (Recently Sold For $77)
Have trouble adding weight? Cutting weight? There are a few reasons why and in this 17 page report we break down how to understand YOUR SPECIFIC body type and what you should be doing to capitalize. Whether you want to add 5-10 lbs of CLEAN MUSCLE, or cut some excess body fat, this in depth guide is your answer!
Bonus #5 - Flexibility Cure (Recent Sold For $37)
This Workout was actually created back in 2012 and has received so much positive feedback it’s ridiculous! Whether you feel a little tight in your hamstrings, your not getting enough leg drive in your sprints, or you suffer from lower back pain, this workout can be doing 3-4 times per week to increase your range of motion and decrease your chances of injury!
Bonus #6 - 51 Snacks For Explosive Athletes ($17 Value)
Ever just need something quick but you don’t know what to eat? We got you covered. We show you 51 VERY VERY simple snacks that you can make that will give you that extra boost come game day!  
Bonus #7 - Sprint Variations ($47 Value)
If you know Twice The Speed you know we pride ourselves on constantly being creative with our Workouts. So we’re including some sprint variations for you to add to the end of your Workouts that will keep things fun, challenging, and very interesting! If you’re sick of just running Suicides and 40’s, and you’re not seeing the results you feel you should be getting, then this will be your go to!
Bonus #8 - Navy Seal Mental Video Bonus  (PRICELESS!!!)
This is honestly one of my favorite bonuses of them all. It’s a simple 5 minute mental preparation technique that you can do that will make you laser sharp. This is used by the Navy seals, and it directly relates to you as a Football player. I cannot begin to tell you how relaxing, and motivating it is to do this quick routine on a daily basis. You will start to look at your opponents as obstacles you need (and will) defeat with the utmost of Confidence!
This Workout + Bonuses Sells For $397... Yours Today For $67!
Q: When Will I Receive This Program?
You will get instant access to these workouts with a private membership registration page

Q: How long is the program?
This is a 6 week program where all your results are tracked and measured inside our private Facebook group as well as on your personal Google Sheet we made for you!

Q: How long do these workouts take?
These workouts are roughly 30-45 minutes depending on how long you are resting between sets.

Q: Do I need equipment?
Just a tape measure to measure a couple tests! (but we show you how to measure without one!)

Q: Can I continue to use the program after the 6 weeks?
Absolutely…this workout can be recycled over and over to optimize your Speed and Power!

Q: Can I do this workout while doing team workouts?
Absolutely… we designed the workout so you can add it into your current training regimen so you can optimize your Speed and Power!!

Q: Howl long are these workouts?
These workouts are roughly 30-45 minutes depending on how long you are resting between sets.

Q: What age do I have to be?
Since the program does not include weights, you can be any age to do the program!

Q: Where Is This Workout Located?
The workout is all online, so we will send you the PDF file of the workout and you will have access to videos demonstrating each exercise movement so you can do the workout anywhere!

How Many Football Players Will Be Let In?
Only 100 football players will be let in!

Q: Is there a money back guarantee if I don’t see results?
If you are not getting better from this program, we will refund you will no questions asked and you can keep the workout!

Q: Where do I track my weekly workout results?
You will be given access to a private Facebook group to track your results!