How To Login To Your Workouts Or Any TTS Digital Purchase
Step #1: You will have to get to the registration link from the following options below.

A. From the "Thank You" page of the product that you purchased from TTS.

B. From the email that was sent to you immediately after your purchase. The subject line is "Do These 3 Steps ASAP!!" This email may also be in your spam or a different folder. *Picture Below*

(If you already have a account you can login HERE <-----)
Step #2: Making your TTS Account membership

1. You must register with the same exact email that you used to purchase the product with.

2. Pick a password that you will remember and that your kids will remember if they login by themselves.
Step #3: Start Your Workouts!

1. If you are on desktop you will see black tabs to your left and a video on your right. Watch the video that explains how to use the TTS Account.

2. If you are on mobile you will have scroll down to the video and watch it to get the overview of the TTS Account, please remember that the workouts are all the way at the bottom of the page so you will have to scroll.

3. To see the workouts you will have to click on the black tab then a grey drop down tab will appear. This is the breakdown of the workouts such as for "30 Day Speed Training Workout" it will have the 4th Gear, 5th Gear, bonuses, etc. listed on the Grey tabs.
Trouble Shooting
1. If you do not see the programs that you have purchased make sure you have used the same email that you purchased with. If you still can not see the workouts please email or click the contact form below and put "I can't see my program's" as the subject line.

2. If you have any questions about the workout schedule please reference the TTS FAQ below

Click Here For TTS FAQ

If you have any further questions you are able to email us at or through our Contact Form