Instantly Run 3+ Tenths Faster With Using Our Fight Or Flight Warmup (Resistance Bands Are Included)!
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"I use these bands and the warmup with my Son who is flat footed and I cannot begin to tell you the difference its made in his Speed and how much lighter on his feet he looks. I never realized something so small could make such a big difference"

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  •  GREAT FOR ALL AGES: Our Easy To Follow Warmup Exercises Are Great For Kids Ages 5 Years Old And Up!
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"These Resistance Bands Helped My 3 Children Increase Their Flexibility, Speed, And Balance...I thought my kids were doomed with my genes lol, But I Am Thankful I Was One Of The 250 To Receive These Bands For Just The Cost Of Shipping!"

Increase Flexibility And Strength!
Use these bands to properly warm up and increase flexibility!  Too many Athletes are getting injured due to lack of flexibility and strength!  

These resistance bands are perfect for ages 6-18 years old!  You don't have to worry about guessing how to use them because we will give you INSTANT ACCESS To our Fight Or Flight Warmup where we will give you the EXACT blueprint to increase flexibility and strength for your Son or Daughter!
Lifetime guarantee. We 100% stand by our product which is why we offer a lifetime guarantee. If for ANY reason they do not meet your desired needs, we will give you an instant refund (full money back).
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Get Your Free TTS Resistance Bands + Fight or Flight Warm Up...(Details Below)
The Exact Speed Training Warmup Your Son Or Daughter Needs Before Their Next Big Practice Or Game!
The fight or flight warmup is almost unfair. We have seen Athletes drop as much as 5 tenths on their 40 and 60 times just from this warmup! We have also seen a drastic increase in Vertical Jump Ability 4-6 inches before and after.

Simply follow the exact sets, reps, and exercises, in order, and your Child will unlock Power and Athleticism you never knew they had!
Too many times, Parents just think their kids are genetically a certain way, when all it really takes is proper activation of muscles and it will honestly look like an entirely new athlete!

Don't believe, if your child does not immediately run faster after doing this workout, we will refund you your entire investment! Just get in touch with our customer service, or with me (Jack Cascio) personally in our private Facebook group, and I would be happy to take care of you!
Lifetime guarantee. We 100% stand by our product which is why we offer a lifetime guarantee. If for ANY reason they do not meet your desired needs, we will give you an instant refund (full money back).
What People Are Saying:
I wouldn't just recommend Twice The Speed, I would demand it!  The cool thing about Jack and TTS is he can work with any age group.  There is a committed maturity about you.  I would advocate what you do with TTS with anybody.  It makes a profound difference no matter what Sport a kid plays.
- Joe Walsh, IL
Former US Congressman
I started training with TTS and Jack when I was a Freshman in High School. I always wanted to play College Football and TTS definitely helped me get there.  We used resistance bands in every single workout and I eventually brought my 40 yard time from a 5.1 to a 4.37 and received over 20 Full Rides!
- Chris James, IL
D1 Running Back
I finished out my NCAA Basketball career at Georgetown Univeristy.  Twice The Speed has been very beneficial to me in my Basketball career and I recommend his workouts to any Athlete at any age.  If you really want to take your game to the next level, use Twice The Speed.
-Rodney Pryor
NCAA Dunk Champion 2016
Money Back Guarantee!
If, for any reason whatsoever, you don't love the resistance bands and don't find it more valuable than the shipping and handling you paid to get it...

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Why are we offering Resistance Bands at such a discount?
Really good question, the reason is because we want athletes to be able to have the opportunity to become the best athlete on the court, field, track, everywhere and anywhere!

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