Twice The Speed FAQ
Q: Where do I locate the TTS Programs? (Warmup, Workouts, etc.)
A: You can register at the first email that was sent to you from TTS after your purchase, "Do These 3 Steps ASAP!" 

Q: How do I cancel a subscription?
A: Email 

Q: Where are my resistance bands
A: The Resistance Bands take 3-5 business days to ship and if you ordered them before 10am they would have shipped out the next business day.

Q: How can I get tracking info on my shipment?
A: Email

Q: Are the programs DVD's or Digital?
A: Workouts are all digital. If you have purchased a workout and do not have access to the digital content, see the first question on this page.

Q: How do I get a hold of somebody with TTS?
A: Email 

Q: How often should I do the Fight Or Flight Warmup?
A: You can do the warmup 3-4 times a week, before big practices or games also.

Q: How long should my kid rest between drills? 
A: They should rest as long as it takes to be at 100%. If you train your kids while they are tired, their jumps, sprints, and exercises will not be as powerful. When they are ready to perform the next set, that’s when they start. This is usually in the range of 30-120 seconds between.

Q: Can the 7 day challenge be done over again?
A: Absolutely! All of our workouts can be repeated and results will continue to grow! 

Q: Can the 30 day speed training workout be done over?
A: Yes! And this workout also comes with a Body weight version (4th gear) and weight room version (5th gear).

Q: (Training questions, if you do not feel comfortable answering)
A: Tag Jack Cascio 

Q. Why don’t I see your message on Facebook?
A. You need to check your other folder (maybe screen shot this for them? On mobile and Desktop) 

Q: If I have the Fight Or Flight Warmup, 7 Day Challenge and the 30 Day Speed Training Workout. What should my workout look like?
A: If you own all 3 of these programs. Your workouts would look like this: Dynamic Warmup (which is our series of stretches that heat up the muscles prior to entering the Activation phase).  The activation phase (if you have resistance bands is: The Fight or Flight Warmup).  Once you complete the Dynamic Warmup, The FOF warmup (Activation) you are now ready to do a workout.  If you own both the 7 Day Accelerator and the 30 Day Speed Training System, we recommend you start with the 7 Day accelerator and once you complete that, move onto the 30 Day System.  You do not do both workouts in the same day.  So your workout would look like this: Dynamic Warmup, Activation (FOF), 7 Day Accelerator (if you are within the first 7 days), or the 30 Day Speed Training System if you have completed the 7 Day Accelerator - or do not have it.

Q: I own ALL Of The Twice The Speed Workouts (Including Trainer Bin)...How do I schedule my kids Workouts if that's the case?
A: If you own everything, there will be some scheduling on your part.  I could guide you with this response, but when it comes to helping Youth Athletes, there are a lot of variables.  Are they in season?  Out of season?  Multi-Sport Athletes?  All of these things will go into how to schedule our Workouts.  The last thing you want to do is burn out your kids from a mental or physical side of things.  Training 3-4 times per week is plenty.  If you have access to Trainer Bin and your child plays Baseball, their week could look like this:

Monday - Dynamic Warmup, FOF Warmup, TTS 30 Day System

Tuesday - Baseball - Infield Intelligence Workout (just working on their position)

Wednesday - Dynamic Warmup + FOF Warmup + Baseball Hitting Workout

Thursday - REST

Friday - Dynamic Warmup, FOF Warmup, TTS 30 Day System

Saturday - Pick a Baseball Training if you'd like, rest is ok on these days.

Sunday - Pick a Baseball Training if you'd like, rest is ok on these days.