"Finally Crush Balls Over The Fence..."
…by adding up to 3-10 MPH to your bat speed with our proven secrets, guaranteed.
            CONNOR POWERS
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Tried everything to increase your bat speed but  nothing’s worked? Well…
…Just Imagine Hearing The Roar Of The Crowd
When You Perfectly Square Up The Next Fastball
And Send It Flying Over The Fence
Hey, Connor Powers here…
Okay, so I know this might sound far-fetched to you, and you’re probably pretty skeptical, but below I’m going to explain precisely how explosive training expert Jack Cascio and I have shown more than 1,467 hitters how to increase their bat speed - not in months, but within days and weeks.
Connor Powers at Fenway Park
So even if you’re short, un-athletic, tried every program and gimmick before, never hit a home run in your life, are SUPER skeptical or already have a decent bat speed, I’m about to show you 100% irrefutable proof that you too can add serious MPH to your swing.
But first, let me tell you a quick story…
I've been launching home runs for as long as I can remember.  When I was young I was every pitcher feared me. In fact, I hold a few state records from my high school playing days.
Me after hitting a home run in High School

Me When I Was
In Highschool 

I'm not going to tell you some elongated story about how I pulled a secret out of my ass and then starting hitting home runs.

...Everything I know about hitting today is based on the mechanical fundamentals of the high level swing.
I've Always Been A Student of The Game Which Allowed Me to Uncover The Best Kept Hitting Secrets in Baseball…
I was a highly touted player coming out of high school and I signed a scholarship with the #1 team in the country at the time, Mississippi State.

During my two of my summers in college I spent time playing in the prestigious  Cape Cod League.

I've been fortunate to have been exposed to the some of the best coaches, players, and trainers the game has ever seen.

And I soaked up every ounce of information possible so I could make my dream of becoming a professional baseball player come true.  
Connor Powers Was Drafted in The 11th Round by The L.A. Dodgers in 2011.  He was drafted again in 2010 by The San Diego Padres where he played for three seasons.  
And I made my childhood dream of becoming a professional baseball player come true. 

The #1 reason I was drafted?

My power & bat speed.  

I'm not a small guy (6'2", 220) but the mechanical adjustments I know about creating bat speed have work for players of any size (including the "small" guys)

I've shown over 1,500 players my techniques for increasing bat speed since 2012.
This Stuff Is The Real Deal And Has Been  Tested In Brutal Competition And High Level Baseball For Years.
Okay, so you’ve probably tried a bunch of those crazy gimmicks to improve your bat speed, or at least seen them.

You know, like those quick bats, skinny bats with the baseball attached, super heavy bats (which actually decrease bat speed), and various other online programs. Most likely you were taken in by their slick marketing and big promises but are still not seeing more bat speed.

How annoying is that?!?
Well The Sad Truth Is Most People Don’t Get Results From These Programs So It’s Really Not Your Fault.
Sorry to break it to you but you’re not a unique snowflake.
You see, even the most genetically gifted, most athletic players on earth won’t increase bat speed without the proper training program.

What you need is a proven, step-by-step program, guidance and support based on hard science, years of undeniable proof and sound training principles.

That's why I teamed up with world famous fast twitch muscle expert Jack Cascio.  

We teamed up to create a hitting program that turns hitters into explosive athletes with efficient mechanics.
So You Don’t Get Noticed, Drive The Ball Much, Or Make The Team 
But don’t worry…

We’re about to end your frustration once and for all and have you crushing baseballs like a FREAK!

Please Note: The 30 Day Bat Speed Cure is now a completely digital product to reduce costs and pass the savings on to you.
Why is the The 30 Day Bat Speed Cure Program so special and why will it work for you?
 Glad you asked…
I wanted to create the best bat speed program I possibly could, which is why I teamed up with the best trainer I've ever had, Jack Cascio.

Jack is an expert at making athletes more explosive.  He ran a 6.40 60 Yard Dash and had a 40+ inch vertical jump at one point.  That's pure insanity.  

He even taught me how to knock tenths off my home to first time which is even crazier. ( I routinely had my coaches tell me to get the piano off my back!)

We developed a formula that we call precision bat speed.  

Pure bat speed without the ability to square the baseball up is useless.  You need to understand how to precisely strike the baseball right on the sweet spot of the bat consistently if you want to have real power.

I show you hitting techniques that will make your swing more efficient and powerful while Jack trains your "hitting specific" muscles to be more powerful and explosive.  
The 30 Day Bat Speed Cure is Safe  
The 30 Day Bat Speed Cure uses targeted explosive plyometric training to shock the central nervous system of the body into firing your muscles faster. There are no heavy weight lifting exercises and it will not stunt your growth. The 30 Day Bat Speed Cure is safe for all ages and experience levels.
You might have heard of Pareto’s Principle, or the 80-20 rule, right? Well that’s exactly what this program is all about. Sure it's important to work hard, but when it comes to your bat speed, you HAVE to work smart too!
This Cuts Down Training Time, Reduces The Risk Of Injury, But More Importantly - Makes You Hit The Ball A HECK Of A Lot Harder.
This program is the result of decades of hard-won secrets that Jack and I have spent countless years, energy and money tracking down, meticulously testing, using in our game and teaching to other people.

This Program Is The 'Everything-Included'  Solution To Get You Hitting The Ball HarderThan You Ever Dreamed Possible.
The program is divided up into three 10 day training sections.  We provide a calendar along with training videos that explain each exercise and each mechanical adjustment in depth.  The best part is how simple it is and easy to understand.
Too Good To Be True?  
Is This Another Bat Speed Program Scam That Delivers Minimal Results?
No.  And here's why...

I've tested these methods myself against some of the best pitchers in the big leagues right now, like Chris Sale, Noah Syndergaard, and Tanner Roark.

The training in the 30 Day Bat Speed Cure Program is based on proven methods to see, react, and hit 99 MPH+ pitching.

Why You Won't Regret Your Purchase
I've had thousands of people start training with the 30 Day Bat Speed Cure with less than 1% of them ask for their money back.  

The biggest reason that they ask for their money back?

An emergency or an unforseen big bill - not because the training doesn't work.

I have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on The 30 Day Bat Speed Cure Program.

If for any reason you'd like your money back within 60 days of your purchase I will immediately refund you with no questions asked.

This is really a risk free opportunity for you to increase your bat speed.