Instantly Run 3+ tenths Faster With Using Our Fight Or Flight Warmup (Resistance Bands Are included)!
FREE Bands + Free Fight or Flight Warmup
I signed up for your Resistance Bands and started the Fight Or Flight Warmup.  I shaved off 3 tenths on my 40 time by doing the exact warmup before my last combine! Thanks a lot TTS! Great Product.

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  • Great For Speed and Quickness: Use These Resistance Bands To Strengthen Exact Muscles for Speed and Quickness
  •   Build Strength: These Bands are GREAT for building full body strength 
  •   Durability: These Bands are VERY Durable and come in 5 different strengths (extra light, light, medium, strong, extra strong).
  •  Shipping: As soon as you purchase we will immediately ship them out so you can begin using them instantly!
  • GREAT For At Home Workout: Use these at the office, at home, or bring them to the gym with our complimentary to go bag!
  •  Comes with To Go Bag: As stated above the 5 resistance bands will come in a little to go bag - Check out the video for more details!
  •  Private Facebook Group: You will have instant access to all the Twice The Speed Trainers as well as other Parents and Athletes!
  •  The Motiv8d: This is the Mission of TTS - To bring the MOST motivated People On board The Family!
What People Are Saying:
I wouldn't just recommend Twice The Speed, I would demand it!  The cool thing about Jack and TTS is he can work with any age group.  There is a committed maturity about you.  I would advocate what you do with TTS with anybody.  It makes a profound difference no matter what Sport a kid plays.
- Joe Walsh, IL
Former US Congressman
I started training with TTS and Jack when I was a Freshman in High School. I always wanted to play College Football and TTS definitely helped me get there.  We used resistance bands in every single workout and I eventually brought my 40 yard time from a 5.1 to a 4.37 and received over 20 Full Rides!
- Chris James, IL
D1 Running Back
I finished out my NCAA Basketball career at Georgetown Univeristy.  Twice The Speed has been very beneficial to me in my Basketball career and I recommend his workouts to any Athlete at any age.  If you really want to take your game to the next level, use Twice The Speed.
-Rodney Pryor
NCAA Dunk Champion 2016
FREE Resistance Bands!
Free Resistance Bands
High end exercise bands. Our heavy duty resistance loop bands are made of 100% natural latex. This makes them perfect whether you are Beginners through Advanced. 

Our extra light and light bands are great for beginners, while our medium, heavy and extra heavy exercise bands are targeted for more intermediate and advanced strength training.
Lifetime guarantee. We 100% stand by our product which is why we offer a lifetime guarantee. If for ANY reason they do not meet your desired needs, we will give you an instant refund (full money back).
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Get Your Free TTS Resistance Bands + Fight or Flight Warm Up...(Details Below)
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The Fight Or Flight Warmup
The fight or flight warm-up was actually built to be used as a hack before combines, showcases, and BIG GAMES!  But then we started to implement it into all of our workouts.  We have seen guys test their 40 time at a 4.9 then do THIS exact warm-up with the EXACT bands, sets, reps, and rest time...and then they run 4.6s.  I honestly didn't believe it at first, but the results kept happening.  For the FIRST TIME EVER, we are just giving away the "secret sauce".  If you purchase today - "The Fight Or Flight Warmup" is yours FREE!
  • ​ Precise Muscle Activation: The Exact 11 Exercises You Need To Do To Instantly Shave 3 Tenths, And Jump 3 Inches Higher!
  • ​ Perfect Prescription: Just Like Getting A Prescription At The Doctor...This Warmup Is The Exact Sets, Reps, Rest Time, And Even Which Color Bands To Use At What Times.
  • ​ Fight Or Flight Band Stack: Our bands are perfectly made with the EXACT strengths you need.  We've gone through dozens of difference resistance levels and kinds of bands, and through countless testing, we have PERFECTED this process for you to take full advantage of!
  • Go Getters Only!: You Will Join a Community Of LIKE MINDED Go Getter Athletes Like Yourself!  You Will Immediately Be Sent A Private Link To Watch Your Fight Or Flight Warmup!
  •   Private Facebook VIP Group: You Will Also Get Instant Access To Our Private Facebook Community Where You Will Have Direct Access To TTS Trainers And Athletes!  This Is What Separates The Good From The GREAT!
Lifetime guarantee. We 100% stand by our product which is why we offer a lifetime guarantee. If for ANY reason they do not meet your desired needs, we will give you an instant refund (full money back).
About Twice The Speed LLC
Jack Cascio, CEO of Twice The Speed started training athletes to help excel them to have them play in college. After time he realized he wanted to help more. He decided to take on the online world by making digital product for athletes to become the best they can but faster than any other training.
  • People: Over 60,000 people has purchased products from Twice The Speed LLC. In over 60 countries also.
  • Feature: Jack has been involved with various training companies over the years such as Dead Red Hitting, Super Human Dribbling, Jump Out The Gym, and more.
  • Community: Twice The Speed is not just a product it is a community. We have created this over social media and YouTube with over 250,000 people following us on our journey to revolutionize the athletic training world.
Twice The Speed LLC. is always improving athletes and always improving our company. We are expanding throughout the sports industry.
Jack Cascio With Former NBA Player Nate Robinson
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is so great about this product?
This product is FREE! You will have to cover the shipping and handling. When we decided to make this product we looked around and we couldn't find any athletic bands that could beat our price!

Q: Why should I buy from Twice The Speed?
Not only do you get bands you also receive our Fight or Flight Warm Up for FREE! We want our TTS athletes to become the best and achieve their goals. 

Q: What type of product is the program?
The Fight or Flight Warm Up is a online product with video instructions on how the warm up is done.

Money Back Guarantee!
If, for any reason whatsoever, you don't love the resistance bands and don't find it more valuable than the shipping and handling you paid to get it...

We will refund your payment and you can even keep the band

There is no risk.
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Why are we offering Resistance Bands at such a discount?
Really good question, the reason is because we want athletes to be able to have the opportunity to become the best athlete on the court, field, track, everywhere and anywhere!

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